Other Building Protective Materials

Other Building Protective Materials

We offer sheets and covers as building protective materials on an application-by-application basis, such as for exterior walls, protection during construction, and protection during relocation.

For Floor Protection

Black Ace

Floor protective sheet made of strong black vinyl

ItemThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)Minimum unit (roll)
Black Ace0.151000501
Ash Gray0.29105010
*The color tone or tint may vary slightly depending on the lot.
❸ Black Ace
❹ Ash Gray

PVC Floor Protective Sheet

For pedestrian walkways and pathways for heavy machinery during construction.

ItemThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)Minimum unit (roll)
Flat mat1.5920201
Line mat
Pyramid Mat (Anti-slip mat)
❺ Flat mat
❻ Line mat
❼ Pyramid Mat (Anti-slip mat)

Protective Material for Siding and Other Exterior Wall Bases

Moisture-permeable Waterproof Sheet

This sheet is a high-performance exterior wall sheathing material based on polyester non-woven fabric. It allows moisture from the interior to escape and prevents rain and other moisture from entering from the exterior.

ItemWidth (mm)Length (m)Minimum unit (roll)
Moisture-permeable Waterproof Sheet1000502