Car Protection Covers

Car Protection Covers

A comprehensive line-up of high-performance auto protectors is available for various purposes.
*Auto Cover is a registrated trade mark

Auto Cover

❶Auto Cover R-300
❷Auto Cover RV-750

Auto Cover

Slip-on cover with the rim elasticized.

SizeColor /
Fastening meansMinimum unitAvailable type of vehicle
Auto Cover R-300
*Includes ropes for both light and standard vehicles
LD Poly
elastic30passenger vehicle
Auto Cover RV-7500.03LLtransparent
LD Poly
UV resistance elastic band on the rim can perform in the long-running protection.
Only the Auto Cover R300 can be used on two levels with the fixing rope (patent pending) designed for small cars, including light cars. (The product’s utility model is currently pending.)
❸Auto Cover YL-400
❹Auto Cover BX-50
❺Auto Cover E-150

Auto Cover

String type that does not flip up in high winds.

ItemThickness (mm)MaterialColorFastening meansMinimum unitAvailable type of vehicle
Auto Cover YL-4000.04LD Polyyellowlace-fixed10passenger vehicle
Auto Cover BX-500.04LD Polybluelace-fixed10van

Non-woven Auto Cover

ItemThickness (mm) MaterialColorFastening meansMinimum unitAvailable type of vehicle
Auto Cover E-150Non-woven Clothblueelastic10passenger vehicle
Auto Cover E-500Non-woven ClothWhiteelastic10van
*We have developed E-3000 in order to shield vehicle from humidity
and heat. Not being waterproof, E-3000 has breathability in order not to get steamed.

Cloth Auto Cover 

Sliver Colored cover protect from the sunlight, 

ItemThickness (mm)MaterialColorFastening meansMinimum unitAvailable type of vehicle
Auto Cover SEL-7000.12Nylon Toughtersilverlace-fixed10full-sized imported car
*SEL-700 is total waterproof cover for full-sized cars, not only for the protection but also for safekeeping in the garage. Bound the cover bottom with cord, SEL-700 offer the high performance wind protection.The keeping bag is also available.

Steering Wheel Cover

Prevents dirt inside the car during the painting process.

ItemThickness (mm) MaterialSize (mm)Minimum unit
Steering Wheel Cover0.02Polyethylene600 dia.1000